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elcome to Leverage Planners, a personal and business financial planning firm located in Kirkland, Washington, whose principals have helped thousands of individuals and families for over two decades throughout the United States to secure their financial freedom, and to grow wealth through successful equity management strategies. Until recently, most people focused almost entirely on the rate of return on their investment money, and accelerated repayments of their mortgages. Now, their biggest concerns have changed…

About Us

Since 1997 we've guided our clients to;

  • Financial Independence & Freedom!
  • More income, options, real growth, better lifestyle,
  • Less loss, risk, taxes, work, worry & effort.

What to expect

Our initial meeting will be entirely to get to know YOU so we can determine how (and if) there is sufficient benefit to you by working with us. In this meeting we will generally cover the following topics;

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Call 425-223-4520